Personalized French Cooking Classes in English by Chef Alex Miles in Dijon

in the kitchen Ellie, Alex & Jodie in the kitchen At the dijon market A Day with Alex Miles We cook together French life style Pastry Chef

A Day of Cooking,
A Day Of Discovery,
A Day of Pleasure


Enjoy What The French Really Eat & Drink at Home...

First we go to the market where we meet the people who grow and make the best local products and choose our seasonal menu as we shop at « le marché »

A Day With Alex Miles

Then we cook together in an elegant, spacious 500 sq. ft. kitchen in an 18th century home in the heart of Dijon.

All the while you’ll be discovering the culture of France, its wines and the pleasurable secrets of french life style

I am a Chef de cuisine, pastry chef specializing in food cultures around the world and i love sharing my experience with you !

« You showed us the lifestyle and joy behind the cooking instead of teaspoon and half cup methods. It was and is so memorable. Very happy to spend a little more time with you. Thanks again. »

Mark, Calgary, Canada

« Thank you so much for having taken the time to spend time with our group during our days in Dijon. We were so fortunate to have met you on a day when that fabulous market was open. Your cooking class was definitely the highlight of my trip to France. I am very eager to start applying all that you've taught us with some of the recipes we tackled. I'm definitely eager to try my hand at creating mustard sauces and that fabulous pastry cream !... »

Oliver, Singapour


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