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November 2017
Hi Alex,
Sorry for the late reply – back to work today after a lovely weekend.
We really enjoyed our time with you. Thanks for the photo and the recipes !
Also the brioche pralinée was delicious!
All the best,

December 2017
I really appreciate your enthusiasm of cooking and how you transmit the culture of French cooking towards foreigners. It kind of remind me of Julia Child, the American who wrote French Cook Book and made television program on French cooking in America. I do believe cooking is a way to bring happiness into our life. So your story really inspires me a lot. I really hope we can have time share opinions sometime.

February, 2017-12-30
Thanks so much! We really enjoyed spending the day with you and hope to make it back to see you in Dijon again someday. In the meantime, we will try cooking these recipes and hope they taste as good as they did in your kitchen.

October, 2017
Dear Alex,
I woke up today reminiscing about the lovely Saturday I had only a week ago.  I pictured you at that fabulous market.  I wish I could be there every day.  I wanted to send a hug and big thank you for the most wonderful day we had.  Your cooking was marvellous and I can’t wait try the pear tart myself.  The rabbit was delicious and was the first time I have had the pleasure of eating it prepared as you did.  I believe I may have had it in a Quebec French meat pie, but could not appreciate how nice it was mixed in with everything else.  I will try it as well.
It was wonderful to chat with your wife.  You are both such lovely and interesting people.
I wish you continued joy and happy cooking!
With kindest regards,
Shauna Canadian

May 2017
Chef Alex,
Thank you so much for an incredible day of cooking. We talked about how much fun we had all the way to Paris. We gave your card to the front desk at the Cloche and they are going to suggest you to their customers that are looking for cooking classes.
Once again,thanks for your hospitality and insight in cooking. I will keep in touch with you…. Zay gezunt

April 2017
Thanks for a great day Miles, we both enjoyed it immensely …. and Kristine is cooking vegetables tomorrow following your recipe, and next week I will be doing the same with the Lapin
Best wishes,

May 2017
Merci, we had great day with you today. Thank you for the walk about after. We could not have found the restaurant Pat remembered with out your help.
David and Pat

May 2017
Thanks Alex!
Yesterday was a real treat to experience your fantastic work in the kitchen! Everything from the pâté to the rabbit, vegetables, apricot tart and cheeses we’re phenomenal! We enjoyed having you take us around Dijon for morning coffee, the market experience and the afternoon stroll. It was a perfect afternoon in France!
Once we get back to the U.S. we can’t wait to enjoy the fennel jam!
All the best to you and your wife!
Joe and Katie

June 2017
So good to hear from you.  Our cruise was delightful, but, I must say, I think Dijon was my favorite stop on our vacation.  It is such a lovely city and your class and tour were the highlight.  I do hope our paths cross again.  Let’s do keep in touch!

August 2017
Bonsoir Alex,
Thank you so much for the message, the recipes and overall sharing of your knowledge today. It was truly special and we hope we remember a fraction of what you taught us!  The notes on the recipes are very helpful and we will let you know how our attempts turn out.
Thank you too for your kindness when I was feeling poorly. I am doing better after a nap this afternoon and lots of water!
We would be happy to connect with Faline. She is truly delightful and quite accomplished.  Isabelle too was a pleasure to meet. All in all, a wonderful way to experience Dijon in a more authentic way!  We would love to learn more and will let you know if we are able to organize another trip.
Enjoy your trip to the NY wedding in Sept.
Many thanks again for your hospitality!
Tracy and Derrick

September 2017
Merci for everything!!  It was fun, interesting, educational, and delicious!!  What a great way to spend our first day in Dijon!
Have a great time in NY and at the wedding.  Looking forward to our next meeting!!
Thank you for the recipes!!
A bientot – Judy

Cher Alex,
It was an absolute pleasure for us both to meet you and spend the day chatting, shopping, and cooking with you in your lovely hometown and home. Thank you so much for your gracious attention, and please send the same regards to Elizabeth.
Unfortunately we have left the area. A change of plans brought us down to Provence (Arles) and the coast for two days, and we will then finish our trip until Saturday in Annecy and the Alps. We would love to see you again, perhaps on a future trip to France or in the US on one of your visits. Our home in New Jersey is open to you and Elizabeth – we can perhaps do cooking Round 2, where we will be the chefs and you can be the overseer. 😉
You are both class acts and we were fortunate to feel a touch of being at home, while being so far away. You also instilled in us a true appreciation for Dijon and for Dijonais cooking.
Please feel free to use my email and Heba’s above any time you want to send something along of interest. Enjoy the concert tonight – we know we missed out! A bientot!
Warm Regards,

July 2017
Hi Alex –
Yes we did! We will pass along some of our photos soon, I haven’t uploaded them yet. We are so excited to try out the recipes when we get home!!! I am attaching Jonathan for his address in SF, I will pass mine along for Seattle once I figure out my housing this fall. So bummed we missed the concert AND the fennel jam! I’ll have to keep my eye out for some, I do love fennel. And yes please keep us posted about your hopefully upcoming travels, it would be great to catch up again. And thanks again for an unforgettable day!

June 2017
Thank you so much it was a wonderful day. I will look at things when I get true internet 🙄🙄. Your wife is a beautiful young lady, many blessings to you.

July 2017
Hi Alex!  Thank you for your note and the recipes.  We are home safe and sound now and have such wonderful memories of beautiful France, including our very special day with you.  It was a lovely day and we came away with some really useful information and ideas.  It was also great to meet Elizabeth.  Thank you both for opening up your beautiful home to us.  Hope we can all meet again before too long,
Susan and the gang xo

June 2017
Hi Alex,
That is good news indeed — the more the merrier!  I’m starting to prepare today — luggage, my attire, organizing paperwork, directions, etc.
OK, well – gosh, I’ve waited so very long for this day to approach, and guest what?  It’s almost here, and I can’t wait to meet my classmates and Le Chef!
Thank you for reconfirming my pick-up — See you soon, Alex —
Vive la France!

August 2017
Hi Alex
Thanks again for a wonderful day yesterday. We both loved the day!! Today our wine tour gentleman knew exactly who you were!! As we bragged about entire day!! Our wine tour went well as it was just Bert and I so it was totally private!!
Any ways thanks again!
Hugs Rita

September 2017
Hi Alex –
Snail mail isn’t as slow as my reply, because I was in Chicago for a conference and just returned a few days ago.  What a beautiful surprise
to receive the image of Joseph.  I love it so much that I am going to frame it and hang it in my office and am deeply touched that you
would think of sending it to me.  Hope you are doing well and I loved being in France, so I can understand how you chose to settle there.
I haven’t tried your recipes yet, but the Sisters I live with  will looooove  the chicken dish.  Blessings on all you are doing – and being –


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