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The only American giving cooking classes in the heart of Burgundy!
I have lived in France for 25 years and enjoy sharing my culinary & cultural experiences with you. I worked with the world famous caterer and pâtissier, “Lenôtre,” on three continents and had 5 French pastry shops of my own in Manhattan and the New York area. I am a chef, pastry chef and also lecture on food, identity and culture at universities throughout France as well as consulting for the food industry. I work for the European Commission on “Animal Welfare” and am a member of several committees on health and food in public schools for the city of Dijon and the Burgundy region.
French Family Food
I have taught cooking and pastry making for many years and am now sharing these skills with American and English speaking tourists in several Burgundy Bed & Breakfast places; “La Terre d’Or” in Beaune,, “Les Roches” in Mont St. Jean, , “Clos du Colombier” in Pommard, . The day begins when we meet at your Bed & Breakfast place and discuss the plans for the day over coffee. Then we go to the local French market where I know many of the vendors. We make the menu and choose the foods while at the market. I will explain what the different foods are, where they come from and what pleasure they give to the French in their daily lives. (Check out under the heading Dijon and/or Burgundy.)
The French Family Food experience shows you what people really cook at home. These are classic dishes easy to make without the fuss of having to be a chemist or physicist. These are understandable recipes explained in a clear and concise way which will help you please your friends and family when you get back home. The things you will learn are not the new “molecular gastronomy” but simple identifiable foods you can sink your teeth into! I will also talk about current trends in French cooking and where the culinary arts are going.
You will enjoy a day in comfortable surroundings, learn some little known aspects of French culture and pick up a few culinary tricks and recipes that you will be able to put to use in your kitchen at home. The idea is to have a good time while doing something you wouldn’t get the chance to do anywhere else. Most tourists feel quite free to ask me questions about the French they wouldn’t dare ask a Frenchman…the idea is to feel relaxed and enjoy!
My book, “Ces hommes qui cuisine,” (“Men in the Kitchen”), shows portraits of men throughout France who cook at home for their pleasure while at the same time sharing the household tasks with their wives. The book is beautifully photographed by Marielys Lorthios, and all the recipes are clearly explained and written. I am working on a new book with the well known Burgundy photographer, Michel Joly, which will appear in the Fall of 2008.
I have a radio show where I interview chefs and writers on their books about food and appear on French television programs dealing with food and culture
I acquired French nationality in 2004, (of course I still keep my American citizenship), and live happily with my French wife in Dijon.

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  1. Skip Hellewell says:

    Chef Alex, I am interested in the French approach to healthy food, and wonder if you teach this in your program. Skip

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