Dijon Market Visit!

Hi Alex,
We very much enjoyed spending the day with you going to the market, assisting in making an unbelievably tasty meal, and engaging in great conversation. What we took away and brought with us back to Montana is a confirmation of a lifestyle change, with regards to cooking and eating, that we have been leaning and inching towards for some time now. The notion of not only buying local food, but also knowing from where and how that food is raised and grown. We also took away a sigh of relief that cooking, even French, does not have to be a complicated fancy affair, but just the opposite, and we look forward to putting into practice some of the simple techniques that highlight an ingredients true flavor without the apprehension and fear of the gastronomy police ruining our good time. Please include us in any of your news letters or blogs, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever decide to take in the breath taking vistas and surprisingly good cuisine which is Montana. Tim

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